Tuesday, February 15, 2005

who will be my next victim?

Well, I've been working hard on all my projects [with the exception of Miss Hearten...who has time for K3tog's? I guess I should just get over it] and have some good news [but no pictures as proof yet].

Boat V-neck Tank: I finished the front! My decision as to whether I should go Boat or V neck was made for me when I realized that I wouldn't have enough yarn to complete a boat! The V-neck was completed in a jiffy...it took me longer to pretend to know how to read and add in an attempt to figure out how to make my decreases evenly across 49 rows. I finally gave up and just did decreases until I got my required number of stitches for the shoulder. I have since frogged the bottom, because:
1. I have a waist and would like to look like I have one
2. The roll bottom looked really retarded [there's just no P.C. way of putting it].
So, now I'm back to not being done because I ripped out half of my work. *sigh*

Clapotis: Oh Clapotis! I'm almost done with thee. THANK GOD! I've started in on the decrease rows! Of course, now I doubt my choice of yarn and am currently wondering if the resulting fabric is too stiff. Maybe I should have made it on bigger needles. OH SCREW IT! I'm almost done and regardless...I'm fabulous and Clapotis will be fabulous too as a result of being associated with me. I can't wait to be done with this thing...it's so big and heavy and clumsy...
Great...I've offended two of my projects in one post.

Next Victim Project: I'm already looking forward. I think that I'm going to start the Airy Cardigan from Interweave Knits Winter 2004. Smoochy's enthusiasm for the lover-ly cardi has gotten me fairly excited about it. I have some pretty and really soft blue mohair/acrylic blend and am swatching a bit to check my gauge and to see how it knits up. My little square is so pretty and soft! I think that I'm also going to add a little flouncy at the end of the sleeves. I'm looking forward to working with mohair and finding my talent for coughing up hairballs. I'm also looking forward to the Rowan Cruise. I love this pattern, but am not looking forward to the years of endless stockinette stitch. I think that's my only roadblock. Cruise will be the first time in my knitting career that I've worked with the yarn that's actually called for in the pattern! What a concept! That alone is cause for celebration!