Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Grrrrrr...Cruise is not cooperating.
Do you think it's me?


Well, I was ready to seam last night. 'Stuck on You' was on TV [can I tell you I love Greg Kinnear?] ...I had Cruise blocked, Vogue Knitting opened to the backstitch instructions and the computer on the lucky skinny rabbit's site for added instruction and advice [since she had made the wintery kin sweater to Cruise, the hunky Thunder]...I was fully prepared to sew this baby up lickety split.

Something happened around the middle of 'Deadwood'.
I had put in my first sleeve and was checking out the underarm and side seams when I realized my two side seams were different lengths.
Hmmm...now how did that...?...
I don't think that I made a mistake on the front and back sections.
Rather, I think that that fault lies with:
1. Rowan for not giving me the low down on how to put the damn things in.
2. Cruise, for not alerting me to the problem before a sewed the whole damn sleeve in.
3. The school system because my calculations were off because I can't count!

I'm going to try it again tonight and see if I can rectify the problem.