Sunday, June 19, 2005


Tara has done it again! She makes such beautiful things over at Dirty Purls [oh, those dirty, Dirty Purls]...well she's posted a link to this site. Take a moment, click on the link, I'll wait.

$130!?!?! They are so cute, but for that price, they better be made from cashmere from the Dalai Lama's sacred goat or rabbit or whatever special animal makes that lucious fiber. Regardless, any knitter worth her soon as looking at those clutches says, 'Those are so cute! I have yarn in the stash...I could make that!'. Well, that's what I said to myself, at least.

So, get those cable needles ready, like my knitting blog next door neighbor Ruth, and make a few. Can anyone say quick and chic Christmas gifts? I think you can, and you will.

Damn, I think I'm gonna need a sewing maching for my birthday.