Thursday, August 04, 2005

Decisions, decisions...

Ok, I received some yarn in the mail today. It's a really nice cotton/acylic in a dark heathered gray. I have more than enough to make a sweater, and if the sweater isn't too complicated, a sweater and something else. I realized though, that it's almost the same exact color as the Rowan All Season Cotton that I have in my stashette. It shouldn't be a problem as I should be able to swap the ASC out for another color with some fabulous knitter, right? But back to the new yarn...I have two patterns in mind [they both work up to gauge, for the most part].

First, we have the Ladies Sweater with Cables [what creative soul came up with that name?] from Rebecca 27. I love this pattern. It's been on my 'Waiting in the Wings' list since I first saw it in the Rebecca mag. On the plus side, I would have the challenge of cables. I've done cables before, but not to this extent. Also, it would probably use almost all the yarn. It's such a nice sweater, woudn't it be great in grey? This sweater isn't an "I will die if I don't make this sweater" obsessive knit, it's more a pattern that appeals to me and I would really like to make...whenever I get to it. I haven't seen anyone else who has made this sweater, so who knows how it'll come out? I could take that change, worst case scenario is I'll hate the pattern and have a sweater to frog. By then I'll hopefully have a ball winder, right?
Added: Grumperina brought up a good point in the comments. I did, however, find another blogger who made this pattern out of the same yarn! She did note that it was a little cropped, but I should have enough to make it longer.

My second option is the Apricot Jacket. This is definitely an obsessive knit. I love this sweater! I was saving the All Season Cotton for this, but was holding off because I'm a ball or two short of a full sweater. Oh how I love this sweater. I really wanted to make it in a lighter color until I saw s t r i k k e r ' s in Military Green. Isn't her's lovely? I think that this sweater would be great in dark grey, but I think that I still might prefer a lighter color. On the plus side, I would probably have leftovers that I could use for something else.

What to do, what to do?
What do you think?
Opinions always welcomed.

[BTW: I love all the comments about the Virtual Model. I guess there really isn't much difference between the first and second picture. I'll just agree to that. In real life, however, the biggest difference is on thing: Confidence. I guess I should have worked out tonight, huh? ; ) ]