Monday, August 01, 2005

Whoo Hooo!!!

The birthday celebration is starting early here in Superstarra-ville. I went for a quick visit to Smoochy and guess what she had for me? Yes! Loop~d~Loop! I'm becoming one of the cool kids, folks! Everyone else has had this book for months, but I don't care. I'm so excited! There are so many beautiful and crazy patterns...I just am beside myself. I need to evaluate the yarn stash, STAT!

First on my list is this beauty. I've been dreaming of this sweater since I first saw the book. Oh, zippers. Yes, zippers. How freakin' crazy yet super cool is it? I stared at this pattern my entire trip home [a good 2 hours worth of gazing upon it's assymetrical-ness]. OH, sweet color-blocking! Starting this ASAP! I think I have some yarn that will be perfect, all it's going to need is a quick dye-job and yes-sirreee-bob, I'll be making this baby.

There are many other patterns that I like...follow along in your book [since I couldn't find pictures]: one-shoulder tunic, octagon purse, ballet t-shirt, knit choker collar and cuff [probably the very first thing I'll start on], chain link scarf, braided neckpiece, cable riding jacket [I'm gonna work up to that one], ibiza stripe shirt [and maybe the shorts too!], hooded capelet [I don't care if we're over ponchos], intarsia kilt [with the fishnets, babee!], and a few of the little girl patterns for my nieces. I think that I have yarn that will work for most of them...I love this yellow sweater, but the gauge...40sts by 42 rws on size 2's? Uh...MooooooooOoooOOOom?