Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Falling Behind

I was looking at my Fall List and realizing that I need to speed things up a bit! I knew the list was going to be a challenge and probably take me well into the Winter, but I don't want it to carry over into Spring!

Apricot Jacket: I have the yarn, but I want a winder [who wants to handwind balls?]. This will probably be one of the last projects I work on, since it's pink and it's more of a Spring-y style anyway. My reward for getting through this list!

Have a contest!: We have a great contest over on the Fall Cable KAL, but I'd still like to have one here in the 'Ville. I'm brainstorming ideas and prizes.

Kiri Shawl:: Done. Now I just need to send it to Aunt Becky! I'll send it next month for her birthday.

Start Christmas gifties: Quick knits for holiday gifts...I need to start my Christmas to do list. UGH. I'll get to this once I finish Cable 41.

Reducing the Stashette: Will happen once I start the quick knits for holiday gifts.

Cables!: Gosh darn Cable 41. It's taking much longer than I anticipated. I'm 1/3 of the way through the first sleeve...with limited stops in the frog pond, I should have it done by the beginning of next week. Let's hope I didn't jinx myself right there. Regardless, cables, Cables, CABLES will be a theme throughout my fall season.

Finish Hot Lava: I just enjoyed my Hot Lava last night. Until I got a face full of mohair. MmmMMMmm...fuzz.

Gloves: I still am lovin' those Vogue Embroidered Gloves. I have yet to evaluate the yarn I have in mind, but that will come. And I'll need to get another pair of appropriately sized Bryspun needles to make them!

Intarsia!: I still have a project in mind, but I'll need to buy some yarn. Yarn purchases! Yeah!