Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wild Geeses Chase

I'm copying this from Cara:

Those Knotty Girls are at it again! They've sent us all on a Wild Goose Chase. Have you done it? Here are the rules:

-Your finds must come from knit blogs.
-You may not use a blog for more than one item-all items must come from different sources.
-Finds can come from current entries or archives.
-You must post your answers with the title of the blogs they were found on and a link to the blog/item (permalinks where appropriate) on your blog. If no permalink is available, give us the post date.
-Do not steal anyone’s bandwidth-which means you should not hotlink pictures.
-You need to comment and let us know when you have completed this meme.

1. A blog which you think people have not discovered.
How do you know if folks haven't discovered it yet? I guess I'll go by the number of subcribers in my Bloglines. Kim's Yarn Abuse always cracks me up...especially her tag line.
2. A blog whose author lives close to you physically. Just get as close as you can, it’s all relative.
Superstahr and Stacey's Stash is over in Pasadena somewheres.
3. An unusual or weird animal picture.
Does the picture of Stitchy McYarnpants' cat Dot's yarn eating [and pooping] ways count?
4. An entry that made you laugh and got you strange looks from family or co-workers.
It has to be Nik's Knits Cooter Girl story from December 13, 2005. The thought of that post makes me want to cry tears of laughter.
5. An idea you wish you’d thought of.
Ha ha ha...Yeah right. It was an amazing idea. The Yarn Harlot's a hell of a woman.
6. Something you’d like to knit.
There's that Hopeful sweater, which has its own KAL that I've been a part of from the beginning...
7. A picture of something you consider beautiful.
Cara's January 1 blog has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL headers...and they're different every time!
8. A blog whose author you’d like to one day meet in person.
Who doesn't want to meet Becky and have chips, salsa and margaritas while seaming?
9. A blog of someone you have already met in person.
Laina and Deena!