Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Get That Doll To Surgery, STAT!!!!

There was a brief hiccup with Dolly.

After finishing Dolly's hand, I decided to start on her first leg. Things were going along fabulously. It even seemed to go faster than her arm! 10cm later, I had to stop and read and reread the instructions. I'm sorry, did that just say 'shape calves'? Yes, Dolly has fabby calves, just like her Mommy. Nice and shapely, don't you think?

I stopped again when the instructions instructed 'to turn heel'. Now as many of you know, I'm no sock knitter. My Leo sensiblities say whatever I knit must be on very public display. Besides, my attempt at knitting booties was too booty to revisit. Regardless, if Dolly has calves, she must have heels! I followed the instructions and I must say, it came out pretty well.

Can anyone see the problem here? Yes, my Dolly has a clubbed foot. I didn't even notice! Needles, to say, Dolly had a painless procedure and her foot is on straight. We have yet to see which way her head winds up being.