Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Love This Story

I'm here at work and I've about a half an hour before I'm released back into the wild...away from the Children Of America. Only one more day.

I thought I would share on of my stories from

Christie's Ongoing Adventures in the City of Angels.

This happened a few years ago...but I was reminded of it the other day.

I was working for a company that had an office on Wilshire Blvd. I had parked in the structure, and after getting in my car and leaving for the day, I realized I had forgotten something at my desk. I turned around and reparked in visitor parking. I got what I needed and was returning to my car when I was greeted with this coming toward me.

Unfortunately, he was not so underdressed.


I smiled and passed by [and didn't pee my pants]. I turned around to get a second look and guess what...

He was turned around looking at me as he was walking toward the elevator.

And again, HELL YES!

I hope my butt looked good that day.

My vanity says he thought I was super hot, regretted marrying before he had the chance to meet me and was trying to find the words to say to introduce himself.
My humility says that he was making sure I wasn't going to do anything to his car.

Can you say beside myself?

Well, the next day, I was interviewing at another company that had their offices off Wilshire Blvd. I was parking in the structure when I saw...
Yes. Second day in a row. Second parking structure in LA off Wilshire. I think fate was trying to put us together.

My vanity says he loves me and is still scouring the earth for the beautiful black woman he saw two days in a row in two different parking structures in LA off Wilshire.
My humility says he didn't even realize I was the same person.

Ooops...time to go home! See you tomorrow!

I need to start hanging out in more parking structures, huh?