Monday, May 29, 2006

Weekend Update


Pattern: Water Bottle Sling from Knit Wits by Knitty's own Amy Singer
Yarn: 1 skein of Brown Sheep Wildfoote in Desert Grass
Needles: Size 3 DP Bryspuns and straight needles 'borrowed' from mom
Exposition: Boy, am I glad this is out of my hair. Knitting the body of the holder was pretty fun, as was the method of making the pocket. The strap...BOOOORING!

Regardless, it's perfect for a 1 liter bottle [as shown] and the pocket will be great for ID and gym card [when I start working out week]. It's big enough for Sweetpea, the iPod, but she may be a little too heavy. The strap is a little shorter than the instructions say, only because I didn't want to bust into the second skien just to make it 2 inches longer. Besides that, I was just plain tired of garter stitch. Now, I really have no excuse not to go to the gym, right?


Let's see...what else is going on around town?

I can't seem to find the Cancer Baby's sweater. I know it came back from Indiana with me, but it seems to have gone missing. Oh well, no loss, since it was just some left over acrylic...what I'm really worried about are my needles! Well, since I haven't worked on it in 2 weeks, the shower is Saturday and I've started other projects, GF and I went by Old Navy to purchase a gifty for the lil guy. Now who can resist a Monkey onesie? And a hat! OH TOO PRECIOUS! We also picked up a few other things, but these were our favorite. I also have a brilliant idea to knit the baby a little toy monkey! Nothing too complicated...I was thinking of adapting Jess Hutchinson's rabbit.

Also while at Old Navy, I found the cutest bag! Don't you love the peacock embroidery?

The color leaves something to be desired, but the multiple pockets make up for it. The main compartment is huge! Big enough for me to double the junk I carry around now! Even more unnecessary stuff to be toted here and there! There are two smaller pockets on each side, two on the front and a big ass zipper pocket on the front. Of course, you know what that huge front pocket is going to hold, don't you?

Apricot! Oh, All Seasons Cotton! It's been too long!

I love this yarn! It's so soft and pretty and soft...don't you love the color? It's a beautiful lilac. I can't wait to wear it! I've only gotten 12cm of the ribbing done, but I've already done a mental checklist of my wardrobe so I know exactly what to wear with it.

That's all for now...I've got to get back to seaming Mermaid!