Thursday, June 01, 2006

I've Calmed Down Now...

If I didn't love this sweater and this yarn so much, I might have chucked it out the bus window. Nah, ASC should never be treated with such distain.

I don't know if you can read that, but it says 'the young knitting magazine that is big on instructions'.
More like the young knitting magazine that is sparce on directions. God, I wish I didn't love their stuff so much.

So, the instructions say, Back: cast on 74 sts. and work in rib pattern [2x2], starting with 1st WS row with edge st., K1, P2. I followed to the leter and of course didn't think anything of it when my rows ended with a K2, P1. Yeah, the ribs weren't even. So after 20cm, I was trying to figure out why my decreases were off. Could it be the ribs aren't even? Or the edge stitches aren't added into the number of cast on stitches? Or, maybe I misread their 'big instructions'?

I did a little research and found others who had problems with Apricot. Some folks omitted the edge stitches and others magically made it work. I decided to cast on 76 stitches [so my ribs will be even when it's all put together] and am back on track. 5cms of ribbing left. Pray I don't have to throw it out the window when I get there tomorrow.