Sunday, June 18, 2006

Juror #7? Are You There? It's Me, Christie.

I think Juror #7 is taking over. And she's a crocheter. Crochetess? One who conducts herself in the ways of crochet?

I woke up this morning and found an Issue of Interweave's Crochet Spring 2006 on my desk. What tha...I was as shocked as you! I'm a knitter. Christie = Knitter. Crochet needles are for corrections and for poking holes in my bags. I thought maybe Poppy left it there, but she gave me a straight-faced denial. She did point out that the juror badge lying next to it could be a clue. She refused to help any more than that as she was finishing edits on the latest episode of her show. Juror #7? Could it be? Hmmm...Intrigued, I thumbed through it. Interesting designs. Some cute stuff. It's not the same old granny square of my granny....well maybe your granny's cuz my granny's squares were the bomb.

This is my favorite design by far. The Juanita Top. So cute. So summery. Wouldn't this be perfect for when it starts to warm up...oh wait, hello 85 degree weather, it already has. I think something may be booted off the Spring/Summer to do list to make room for this one.

This is another cute one. It's a knit top with crocheted lace sleeves and ruffles. There's something about the design that bothers me, but I can't quite figure out what it is. The sleeves are just so sweet. I might keep it in mind and use the sleeves with another design.

I love this skirt. Yes, it's totally see through and open, but it's very cute. And it's a wrap skirt. I don't know if I'll attempt it, but it's supers cute.

Lastly, I noticed this bag. Cute. Fun. Tassels. Now who doesn't love tassels?