Monday, July 24, 2006


Julia has been posting a lot of argyles over at the Moth Heaven lately...which is really inspiring me want to revisit the Rebecca 27 argyle vest [which was put on hiatus from the Spring/Summer list because it didn't go along with my stashbusting needs].

I originally planned to do it in orange, but have come up with these two possible color combos. Nice huh? Since I just finished Apricot in lavender, I'm leaning toward the pink/red combo. I also decided that instead of a vest, I'd prefer a sweater. I'm not really a "vest girl" and would hate to make something so cute and never wear it. I'm still deciding if I want to figure out how to add sleeves to the damn thing. Shouldn't be too hard, right?

Well, stay tuned because it's going on the Fall To Do List. Hopefully my excitement won't go away between now and then. How could it? What's cooler than a hot girl in an argyle sweater...especially in the Fall?

Right now I'm watching Madonna: Truth or Dare. I miss the 90's Madonna. The cone bras. The bevvy of gay dancers. The indecent use of bottles. She was so brash and brave and on...all the time. I love that she held tight to her artistic vision even in the face of being arrested, boycotts and having to simulate masterbation on stage with her dad in the audience [which is a performer's dream of having to deal with, trust me].

Oh, and I think it's hilarious that she had a huge crush on Antonio Banderas before most of the US knew who he was. I hope he sent her a thank you note.