Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Inspiration For Fall

Can you smell what the Superstarra is cooking up?

Yeah, well, it's smelling like some good warm and wooly knits, let me tell you. I only have 5 things on my list this season because::
1: They're pretty complicated.
2: The Holi-daze. Whether I will knit gifts for anyone remains to be seen.
3: I'm getting a little late of a start.

I can get 5 things done before Spring...I'm sure I can...can't I? Well...Let's take a look at what's simmering in Superstarra-ville...

I love cowl necks. It's such a very attractive [sexy] neck line and have seen so many cutie patootie styles for the fall season. So, overcome by the all these stylish sweaters, I'm really wanting to knit a cowl of some sort, but haven't found a pattern that is everything I'm dreaming of. What I do have are several sweaters that are pretty inspiring and a pattern that could serve as a base to work from.

To the right is Baby Phat's version of the sweater/dress/tunic I have in mind. I love the sleeve shape, although I would prefer them to be full length, not 3/4. I'm not sure if I like the entire thing ribbed, so that would be another alteration. I do love how deep the cowl is...but of course I wouldn't dare be as bold as my Asian sister, Kimora, and wear the damn thing with just a belt and earrings! If this girl have no concerning for us, we have no concerning for her sweater.

This is another inspirational sweater from Anthropologie. I didn't love it in the catalogue, but whilest in the store, I decided to try it on a whim. It's so cute on! I may have to go back and try it again and get a few measurements. I especially love the waist detail. The only thing that I might change is the cowl. Maybe a little lower, but not as low as the Baby Phat version. It would just be so perfect over some jeans.

This sweater, from Knit Simple's Fall issue, will most likely serves as my base pattern. This sweater isn't bad, but the stripes have to go and the cowl is just a little too stubby. I don't like the sleeves [there's something wonky about the fit and besides that, who wants short sleeves?] so I would definitely alter it to be more like one of the sweaters above. I think that they also used some kind of funky fuzzy yarn, so I'll most likely have to recalculate everything so it's exactly how I want it.

I love that bluish wide neck sweater from Rebecca #30 on the left. Yeah, it's got a little flash-dancey-off the shoulder action, but it's so freakin' cute. My favorite part is the sleeve ribbing and the blousey-ness [which is kinda hidden by her bangle bracelet]. I have some more All Seasons Cotton that will become this lovely sweater. Please just wake me if I fall asleep during the miles and miles of stockinette.

Of course, then there are the argyles. I have yarn for this one already and am also very excited to start. Although I was waxing poetic about the beautiful-ness of the orange arygles, my version will be burgundy, pink, black and ivory. I'm also toying with the idea of a sweater rather than a vest...I think that a sweater would be more useful to my sense of style than a sweater vest. Argyles! Argyles! Argyles!

I also love this cable sweater from the same issue of Rebecca! Oh so cute! Wraps are so flattering on my figure...this is definitely making the cut! I can't wait to start this one! I hope I have some yarn that will work, because I certainly can't afford the GGh Cashmere yarn that this beauty was originally made from. It's just so lovely!!!

Speaking of cables...let me sidebar my own post for a moment [this is actually to see if you read what I write of if you just look at the pretty pictures ; )]. I'm throwing out the idea of a Fall Cable KAL 2006 to any interested party. There are so many beautiful cable projects out there, so if you've never cabled before, this would be a great opportunity to give it a try. Just leave me a comment and maybe Jennifer and I can get it set up before the weather cools off completely. ::end sidebar::

And last but not least, this skirt from last winter's Vogue. Bobbles, bobbles, cables, cables. I have some super softy recycled merino that needs to get out of my stash and would be perfect for this little gem. Can't wait, although I will wear it with more stylish boots than those fuzzy 1 Million Years BC thing-a-ma-boppers.

Well...that's what Fall is looking like over here at Superstarra-ville...and don't forget to leave a comment if you'd be interested in the KAL!