Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Good Morning!

Well, here is the humble beginning of The Republic hat. Fascinating, isn't it? Okay, okay. I'm hoping to have this off the needles today [it's just a hat, afterall] and on my head tomorrow [since it won't match my outfit today]. I'm using some Rowan Cork that has been sitting around, just waiting for a project. I'll have a ball or so left over so I'm thinking maybe a matching scarf? Too matchy-matchy? Oh well, I don't care! Warmth is all that matters!
Secondly, another quick project that I'm going to work before I depart for Sleeve Island on behalf of the Cable Wrap. I bought these mittens/gloves at The Gap last year and plan on making them into fingerless gloves. Not bad for $0.47, huh?