Sunday, November 26, 2006

Picture Progess

I actually took some time today to take pictures of my many works in progress.

1. 5 completed birds from the Holiday Issue of Knit Simple. I used yarn leftover from some of my first projects. I'm glad to finally have put it to some use. They still need tail feathers to shake, eyes [which I forgot to do before I seamed and stuffed them], and to be strung together. Pretty cute, huh? I guess I could easily get this off my WIP list if I just dedicated a few hours to them.

2. Something I actually finished today! The left front of the Rebecca Cable Wrap! I'm actually pretty surpised how quickly it went. Since I'm on a Cable Wrap roll, I've started the right side front and have already finished all the ribbing [whew!] and am on to the cable section. Let's hope it goes as quickly. I'll be so happy when it's all done.

3. Soul is usually my travelling project, but it's been cast aside for the Cable Wrap, since the fronts haven't been too cumbersome. I don't have much done on the second half, as you can see, but this will get done eventually. No rush for tube tops in during the winter...even in Southern California.

4. Here's my progess on Ariann. Not much to show, but since it's worked all in one piece, I'm expecting it to seem slower than actually it is. At least there won't be much seaming involved. It's an easy enough pattern, I think I will give it more attention once I'm through with the Cable Wrap.