Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tyra Who?

I had to do some fancy finagling to get these pictures. Left to my own devices, they aren't better or worse than any other picture I've taken for this blog, so let's just call it a success. I'm an actress not a photographer! Ok...here we go. I think I gave background information on these, so now it's just eye candy...kinda...oh, and forgive the black yoga pants. I was too lazy to put on a pair of jeans.

Rowan Cable Sweater
I really like this sweater. It has a nice fit, although when I'm not perfectly posed, it's a puckery/wonky under the arm/around the shoulder. I remember having a hard time getting the sleeves set in there so that might be of the problem. I think that it accentuates my broad shoulders a little too much but if I wear it with some wider legged pants that will balance me out it will be perfectly. I guess I'll have to take some full body shots so you guys can see what I'm talking about.
A shot of the back, as you can see, the cables extend up and over the shoulder and down the back. Cute coming and going, no? I think that I used less stitches than called for in the ties, because I didn't want them too bulky. Who can remember now, it's only been like 3 weeks!

Rowan Soul
Note: Ok...remember me saying that ribbing is only for skinny girls? Well, from these pictures you'd think that they look pretty good on a girl who isn't afraid of cake for dessert or a Ice Blended Mocha with whipped cream on the regular. Well go figure, for some reason it actually looked pretty good on me today. A few weeks ago when I tried it on, it was 'OoOOoOOoo girl, Hell to the NO.' Hmmm...maybe having Pinkberry for dessert and only having a No Sugar Added Ice Blended Mocha with no whip on special occasions is a good thing.

Someone had asked about how I would wear this. I tried it with a few things from the closet to see what would work best. Let's see what you think.

Original Look
*Cute with the little lace tank. Skinny girl + Ribbing = "That's so cute! I'll make it!"

Look #1
Soul in its natural state. Hmmm...not bad.

Look #2
I stuck a cute fitted polka dot shirt under just to see how it would look. Now I probably wouldn't wear this together [the dots are red and with the hot pink Soul it looked a little random]. Since the shirt is so fitted, it didn't get bulky, which is good. If I had a solid shirt like this, I might rock this look, but I'd try it with the shirttails tucked into my pants.

Look #3
With an extra long white t-shirt underneath. Don't really like this look too much. Maybe with a different t-shirt color. It certainly does make my boobs look huge...but it could be the angle.

Look #4
This is as close to the original styling I could get...and probably my favorite, so I'm posting two pictures. It seems Rowan doesn't screw up the styling of the knitwear all the time [with the exception of trying to make all knitwear world a bra-free utopia].

Nice chevroning on the side! Hmmm...maybe I won't rip it out afterall.

Rebecca Powder Jacket
As you can see, the All Seasons Cotton in Military arrived and was immediately put to work. I wasn't sure when I cast on if I was 100% on the color. But Smoochy talked me into it. Just kidding. The color was a little less green and a little more gray than I expected, but I thought it would still be cutesy without being cutesy and girlie. And I have to admit, sometimes when I read instructions that tell me I'll have to pick up 142 stitches and bind off 238, I tend to forget that I like something...just on principle. Well, it only took 3 times to pick up the 142 and I just cast off the 238 stitches...it actually wasn't that bad. Getting through all 35 cm was tedious to say the least, but I'm glad I didn't chicken out. Now on to picking up 142 stitches for the bodice. Fun.