Friday, June 29, 2007

The Finish Line


Thank you to all my Superstarra-ville friends, who kept my spirits up during this week of dirty keyboards and broken lunch dates [speaking of which, I saw Squirrel this morning, and he apologized for standing me up yesterday. He said that the weather is getting too warm for him, so he would probably be chillin' in the Frank G. Wells building at Starbucks....probably with Kim].

I've made it through and there are many rewards at the end of my rainbow.

First off, gf and I are driving up to see my little niece [and my brother, SIL and littler niece]. It's her birthday this weekend, and since we spent her littler sister's birthday with them, it's only fair that we spend her birthday with them too. Gotta keep things fair, y'know.

Secondly, we're two weeks away from the family reunion trip. I've been blocking out the completed parts of the two sweaters in anticipation [I see now the plusses of washing and blocking the pieces before completion, but that's another post]. I thought I would have finished up the Tunic's #2 sleeve this afternoon, but I found a mistake and took most of my lunch hour fixing it. A really dirty fix, so I'm hoping it will block out. I should have it finished by the time I get home today, at which point I will wash, block and start the seaming tomorrow on the way up north. That means one finished project off my list before the weekend is out, and two weeks to finish up the second! I'm making such great time!

I have a few things that are in the works, but details on that later. Right now I'm going to enjoy 'quitting time' and my weekend! You guys do the same. And don't play with fireworks! As knitters we require all our fingers!