Friday, July 20, 2007


We're alive! The reunion was great! Virginia Beach was wonderful and I have huge mosquito bites to prove it.

I didn't get much crafting done. I tried to start the crochet shawl, but my brain couldn't decipher the instructions. So I moved on the Perdita bracelets. After 2 hours and finally remembering what SSK meant, I finished the Lily of the Valley. I just need to sew some buttons on and take a few pictures. I also started the Lilac bracelet but have been too busy to finish it because...

I started I a new long term temp assignment! Yes, we flew in late Monday night and I have to be at one of the Tragic Kingdom's offices first thing Tuesday morning.

I think I'm just waking up now.

It's an Administrative position supporting one of the Vice Presidents of something really important for when you visit the Disney website. I have to keep my acting aspirations on the DL, which is fine because I need to get a few things in order before I get back to the grind of the entertainment biz [I'll probably still try to do stuff here and there, but my availability will be limited to weekends]. It's not so bad so far, everyone is really nice and the Poppy-head is here to keep my company.

Thank god for the Poppy-head, huh? Nothing spells Corporate Enviornment like a disembodied knitted head.

Wearing a hat, not less.