Saturday, August 25, 2007


Ok. So I've decided to start the armholes at 13 inches rather than continue on to the full 19". I've said my peace and counted to 3.

So on to the back. No problems ... until I got to the bind off. The k2tog picot bind off. I decided to do this top in a single color, rather than with contrasting edging and sleeves. So this k2tog picot bind off certainly doesn't look as cute as it does in the picture.


So I frogged that back and did a regular bind off and may add a picot edging around the entire neck once it's all done.

That brings us to the front. Dividing the bodice and the bust is a i-cord vertical stripe. This is a new technique to me. In the book, I noticed right away the small holes that were underneath the bust and above the i-cord. Although I like the look of the vertical stripe, the holes bothered me. And I think since the Safari is a lighter worsted, it accentuates the holes even more. UGH!!!

I'm contemplating doing the vertical i-cord stripe in a smaller needle and if there are still major holes, I'm just going to have a vertical garter stripe.

In the mean time, I'm feeling a bit crestfallen so I'm going to go wind yarn for gf sweater.