Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My, What A Photogenic Yarn You Are

I realized that I didn't post any pictures of gf's Habu kit yarn. What was I thinking? Who am I to not give the public what they want?

The sweater itself is a simple, in the round funnel neck with raglan sleeves. The body is knit with Ultra Fine Kid Mohair and it is edged with Tsumugi Silk Combination.

The sample she tried on was a dark green or gray [I think] mohair with a similar colored silk edging, but gf decided to go with this light pink mohair and a reddish/brown silk.

Unfortunately, this color almost disappears against my skin tone, but looks really lovely on hers. I wonder if she did that on purpose...

I can see why people love photographing this yarn. Isn't it so pretty?

There is definitely something to be said about splurging a bit and buying quality yarn. Compared to the fuzzier yarns I've worked with, this stuff is quality with a capital Q-U-A-L-I-T and Y. It has an amazing halo, but it doesn't release a lot of stray fiber. I haven't felt like I'm going to cough up a hair ball, which is one reason I have practically sworn off using mohair-y fibers. It is also amazingly soft, but not itchy, which is extremely important in gf's world.

When considering needles to use with this yarn, my first instinct was to use wood or bamboo, but my bamboo needle tips are pretty blunt, which proved to be a huge pain. I decided to use my Options nickel needles, which have surprisingly given me a lot of traction. I haven't had any problems with stitches slipping off.

Here's the progress so far...not too bad. At this point, the body is a quarter of the way done.

I've certainly been making decent progress, so now I'm just trying to keep up the pace.

Oh, and did I say thanks for all the encouragement? Boy, will I feel like I let the entire blog community down if I don't finish by the 26th!

I just can't let myself get bored of round after round after round after round of knit stitches.

And just one more picture from early Sunday morning. Wow, what pretty yarns.