Friday, October 05, 2007

Start Of Something

Lately, I've been feeling that I have been knitting in slow motion, but since I've started on the front section of Patti, things have returned to normal speed. Thank god, because as much as I love this jacket, it was seriously about to get thrown in the 'to finish one of these days' piles. I'm feeling pretty motivated now. motivated as I can be, considering.

My recent closet cleaning and stuff purging has started to make me feel like I'm at the start of a life transition. I feel I'm beginning to attempt to define find a sense of personal style, a sense of purpose, a sense of self.

For instance, Gf and I went out last night and I put together an outfit, did my hair and make-up and the resulting look was a little different for me. Not crazy-out there, but just a little more pulled together than my usual going out attire. Have you ever had a moment when you looked in the mirror and it was almost as if you were looking at someone else? It's still you, but there's something different and pretty in an unexpected or new way? Not just clothes and hair, but in your entire presentation. Being happy and confident in your own skin and not wishing you could change anything. It's a strange and wonderful feeling. A feeling that one's potential is being realized. There's no reason we all shouldn't feel that way everyday, even when we're just going to the grocery to pick up a quart of milk. I guess I'm trying to find that potential inside of myself and personify it and wear it my favorite go-to dress or my favorite shoes.

But anyway...

It's Friday. I'm looking forward to the start of the weekend. Nothing exciting planned...just more organizing and rearranging of the living space. And maybe Gf, Poppy and I will take a spin around town.

Anything and everything is possible, right?