Thursday, January 03, 2008

3 Days In, So Far, So Good.

Well here we are, 3 days into 2008. Exciting stuff. So far, I've caught a cold, have a toothache and haven't made much effort to get to the gym...but am I they type of person to infect the world because I have fitness goals?

No, I certainly am not.

There are a few good things though! I finally finished the first Habu sleeve and will hopefully make short work of the second. Can I tell you how much I now hate knitting sleeves in the round? Talk about tedious! Especially on a thin mohair.
And the other good thing is that I have successfully willed one of my gray hairs to return to its natural black color...without the aid of hair dye. It was sheer willpower, people. Now if only I could convince the other 5 to do the same.

See what a relief it is once the holidays are over?

Along with my 2 step knitting goal for 2008, I've decided to follow in the footsteps of my friend Moni and join Project 365 on Flickr and Project Spectrum. I've enjoyed seeing everyone's Project Spectrum work and figure I can use it to inspire some photographs for Project 365. I'm looking forward to making 2008 a very creative year all around. The sky is the limit!