Friday, February 15, 2008

Still Waters Run Deep

No knitting content. I didn't work on Patti at all last night. Flo was sitting in my knitting bag. No blog reading or fooling around on Ravelry.

Gf and I picked up a dinner from Astroburger and headed downtown...

Our final destination was the new Nokia Theatre. We settled into our seats and waited for the show to start. And when it did, it was amazing, as you'd expect. Here's our view. looked much better in person.

Just for you, here's a clearer view of the stage from one of the huge monitors.

Yes, that would be THE QUEEN, Miss Aretha Frankin, at the piano, singing 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'. Her voice is still so powerful and WOW, can she play that piano. I must say, her playing and singing was my favorite part of the concert, hands down. The emotion she finds in that song...I swear, it's heartbreakingly beautiful. And in case you haven't heard her version, listen to this...