Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When Did My Eyes Get This Bad?

Here's the status report on seaming Patti:

  1. Shoulder seams [2]
  2. Pleats [4] [2]
  3. Sleeves
  4. Side Seams [2]
  5. Button bands [2]
  6. Collar
  7. Buttons [3]
  8. Sew in ends [too numerous to mention]
Well folks, it's not looking too good. I'm going to keep the faith that I can get it done. If Patti isn't done for Valentine's Day, she will definitely be done for Chinese New Year celebrating at Mom and Dad's on Saturday and/or the BCAM opening gf and I are going to Monday evening.

I ran into a few problems last night. First off, I'm not thrilled with my sewing job on the pleats. Of course I didn't bring the damn thing with me so I could show you how bad it looks. I think that I was rushing and it shows for it. I need to figure out a way of sewing them down that won't pull the fabric so much. I also had a bit of a problem with the sleeve installation. Again, I was rushing and the placement was totally off. Then in an effort to get the proper placement, the yarn I was using broke. Twice. So I had to redo the entire thing. Which is for the best, since it made me slow down and take my time and do a good job. Nothing ruins a project quicker than sloppy finishing, right?

So tonight I'm going to try to finish, but if it doesn't work out, I'm okay with it. My plan is to get the side seams done so I can try it on and get the button bands situated. I will also be able to make a judgment call on the pleats and see if those need adjusting. Then knit the collar and fini! I guess it doesn't look as bad as I thought!