Monday, September 08, 2008


SoI was happily knitting away on Habu-74 all weekend. I bound off sleeve #1 on Saturday afternoon and noticed something strange.While the cone of cotton yarn was still pretty hefty, the angora yarn...hmmm...I know it's thinner, but why was the cone visible?!? Was I running out of yarn? Nah...couldn't be. It's just thinner. It doesn't take up as much space.

Habu 74 Sleeve
So I casted on for sleeve #2 and knit and knit and knit. I got about 1/4 of the sleeve done when panic set in...
This is how much yarn I have left. Something is definitely amiss! I thought maybe I knit too many rows on sleeve #1. So I counted the number of increases. Nope. And if something was knitted wrong and I have the correct amount of yarn, I would be running out of both, right? Right?

So I put in a call to Habu this morning. Long story short, the woman asked me to send an email and she would have to check with her manager. I included the picture of the two cones and another of the inside labeling. I'm hoping it won't take too long for them to get me the extra that I need to finish this. But somehow, in the back of my mind I think it might take a while...

So, what's a girl to do?
Cast on for something new, of course! Nothing says pity party relief like a new project! So I pulled out the GGH Samoa and the Trellis instructions and casted on. The more I looked at it, the more I realized I wasn't in love with it. It's so cute, but the cable and the seed stitch weren't inspiring to me. So I pulled out my Rebecca Kids and Baby #6 to see if there was something cute and cabley [cables just in time for the Fall Cable KAL!].

Sweater for a new baby
One of the sweaters I liked the best turns out to be the one that will work with the Samoa! Glory BE! Lucky Sweater with Cable Pattern #7 [again with the uncreative names...]! I love the pretzely cables! Challenging and beautiful! I'm not sure about that mock-half turtleneck action going on there, so I may change it up a bit. Or I may leave it as the kid may have a huge noggin that will require an extra wide neck line.
Sweater with Cable Pattern
And as much as I love Rebecca's patterns, I sometimes curse the way they are written. And it's always the first line, and nothing is more frustrating that not even being able to get passed Row #1!!! And as always, after many failed attempts, I figure it out and realize it was much simpler than I was making it.

Here's row #1 for your reading pleasure. The welt pattern is K2, P2.
Cast on 57 sts and work 1st WS row as foll: edge st, 17 sts welt pattern starting with K1, P2, then P3, 6st, welt pattern starting with K2, then P3, 6sts, welt pattern starting with K2, then P3, 17 sts Welt pattern starting with K2, edge st.

My head is spinning and I'm totally calling SHENANIGANS! It took me at least 30 minutes and 4 cast ons to figure it out. Anyone else confused by straight-forward, direct language?