Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mental This

I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Although I came up with a compelling argument to abandon the Cabled Coat's moss stitch sleeve in order to seam the Habu sweater, I've totally disregarded my own good advice. It seems that I'm making quite a bit of headway with the sleeve and am afraid if I put it down I might not get the rhythm back. Besides, at this point I have one more increase, knit a few rows, then the raglan decreases. It's practically done! Why stop now, right?

Besides, I'm thinking that I have all this weekend to seam, felt, button and block Habu-74. And if I can't get it all done this weekend, I have Monday through Wednesday of next week so that it can be ready for Thanksgiving, right?

And speaking of Thanksgiving, Poppy has asked that we continue the Holiday Featurette series with a few tips for Thanksgiving...she just made me promise that I wouldn't dress her up in a turkey or ham costume.

Like I was even thinking about it. Honestly.

Oh, did I totally almost forget to mention that they're shooting an episode of The Mentalist up the street from my work? I totally wanted to go stalk Simon Baker, but alas, they were shooting in one of the building and not in the park. DAMN! Foiled again!