Tuesday, March 03, 2009

One Of The Cool Kids

We all wanna be one. One of the "cool kids". I'll admit it...I do. I want to knit cool things and take cool pictures and have cool gadgets. Well, recently, I've taken a few steps closer to attaining the unattainable.

First off, I'm taking a photography class. My division of The Tragic Kingdom offered some development classes, so I decided to learn more about photography. My dad, brother and uncle are all avid photographers, so I thought I might see if it's in all of our genes. I've been experimenting with my point and shoot Canon and trying my hand at 35mm.
GF has an old Russian Zenit camera, so I took some shots from the top floor of the parking garage at The Grove. I'm not sure exactly what I did, but I really love how this picture turned out. Happy accident.
I also borrowed my dad's old Canon camera and shot a roll. This was of the fountain at The Grove. On a different day. I promise you, I don't walk around shopping malls with 20 camera around my neck taking pictures.

That would so be the antithesis of a "cool kid".
Or would it?
I thought maybe the color/saturation issues I was having with the previous rolls of 35mm I shot might have been because I was using 400 asa film, so I was totally stoked to find 100 asa at the art store. I've just started my first roll and am excited to see how it turns out.

And lastly, I finally joined the ranks of the cool kids of the electronic age:
It was totally necessary.

Here's my excuse. I was using a Pocket PC, which totally worked fine. I use a PC at work and it's totally fine. But...[and there's always a BUT]...I use a Mac at home. My phone needed an update to work properly and I couldn't get the update to sync with the Mac and I couldn't update it at work, due firewalls and inability to download programs on my computer and corporation/worker trust issues, so whatever.

So you see, I HAD to buy a new iPhone. I didn't have a choice. But I think it makes me a whole lot cooler.