Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April To Do List

So here we are, April 1st. Already four months into 2009. I can't hardly believe it. With the onset of Spring I'm deciding to Spring Clean my knitting closet.

I have a few items to finish and a few more that need slight tweaking. No more avoidance. No MORE!

1. The Rebecca Coat #41
I finished this last year. I wore it once, decided it needed some tweaking and it's been sitting around ever since. At the time, I was running low and yarn so I knit both the bottom ribbing and the neckband short. Of course, that caused the problem you see the the left. I need to frog the bottom band, remove the cabled collar so I can add another new inches to it. Then reattach the neckband and reknit the bottom ribbing. Of course, I need more yarn. Maybe I can find a nice Raveler who will work out a deal for a hank...

2. Habu 74
Oh Habu, where did we go wrong? Oh yeah, you ran out of yarn then you were a pain to seam. I almost forgot. I think I'll have to take one weekend this month and dedicate it to seaming you up and finishing you off. I will take my fellow knitter's advice and give your edges a good block before I even think about seaming.

And maybe you'll be a good sweater and behave? I'd hate to have to throw you in the corner until next April.

3. Galaxy
The hold up on this baby is sewing the bias tape down so I can attach my cute crochet circles.

Well, I've moved the sewing machine to a more convenient locale so now there's no excuse.

It's going to be so cute. And the weather is warming up. I can't wait to wear this. It's going to be so cute. I can't wait! I can't stand it.

4. Cabled Coat
It's freezing in my office. When it's hot outside, the A/C kicks into high gear, so it's always the season for wool at work.

Like Habu, all the knitting is done, it's just a matter of blocking and making sure the pieces fit together. If you can remember, I decided to make a cropped version, so it's a gamble whether it will all fit together in the end. My fingers are crossed that I measured and figured correctly and it will be perfect. It could happen. Right?

5. Apricot
I finished this two years ago. I love it, but am so unhappy with my button/button hole placement . It's been bugging me for the longest! I've already started taking out the crochet edging, so it's just a matter of getting it all out then putting it right back on. I could have it done in an evening. It's just a matter of making myself do it.

The picture to the left is before I put the offending buttons on. And as you can see, I hate the button placement so much, I haven't even taken a picture with the buttons on!
Sad, but true!

So there you have it...I'm clearing out my knitting closet and exposing it all for the world to see. I think if I work on one of these each week, I can have them done by month's end and still have time for working on Helon and Dawn.

Maybe I can reward myself with something special if I complete it all...