Thursday, April 30, 2009

Need Help Deciding...

So, Glint is almost off the needles. I should concentrate on fixing and seaming those languishing knits, but all I can think about is what to cast on next.

I have a few projects in mind, but one yarn in particular has giving me reason to pause. It just won't tell me what it wants to be.

Meet the yarn:

GGH Safari: The Salmon. 9 balls of indecision.

At first I was going to use this yarn to make another Rebecca tunic that I made two years ago in purple. I really love that sweater. It's comfy, it fits me well and it's a great summer top.

I've started rethinking that plan. Do I really need two of the same sweater in the same yarn, but different colors? It was quite an endless slog the last time, but the resulting tunic was totally worth it. Somehow I'm almost afraid I'll lose interest pretty quickly.

It's never as good as the first time, right?

Another option for this yarn is Teva Durham's Peasant Blouse.

I really like the look of this top. There's a really nice cable detail across the bottom back that I really love. But I'm not 100% sure of this one. There are 6 completed sweaters on Ravelry and they all look great, but something is holding me back.

Sometimes I'm convinced it's the sweater for me, then I look again and I don't feel the spark. Maybe it's my knitter's intuition telling me that the shade I have won't lend itself to this particular style very well. And I'm not sure how the Safari will do with cables either. I'm slowly talking myself out of this one.

That last option I have is Buttercup. Sorry, but I don't have a proper picture so you'll have to follow the link. I found this randomly on Ravelry and was immediately taken by it. It's simple, yet so summery and sweet. Wouldn't it be perfect for a weekend outing? I love both the short and 3/4 sleeve too... thinks I have just convinced myself which sweater to make.