Friday, June 19, 2009


Despite dealing with a weather induced depression, I've been pretty busy. Instead of going directly to bed when I get home in the evenings, I've been working on Buttercup. And it's coming along very nicely. Can you say, "No seaming?"

I knew you could.

I finished 4 out of the 6 increases and am at the point of either finishing as directed or deviating and doing my own thing. I've checked out the finished tops on Rav and am still undecided, although I probably need to try it on again and go from there. I just need to find the correct length and flare ratio. I don't want it to be too sack-ish, I am determined to get it right the first time and I'm knitting on borrowed time, as vacation time is coming dangerously close.

I'm pretty sure I will have found perfection by Sunday afternoon.

No pressure or anything.