Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Looking Forward...

Thank you for all the compliments on my crochet trim maxi knock off. As you all know, I don't often colour outside the instructional lines, but it was a huge ego boost to have a project come out as well as that did. You guys rock! But on to the subject at hand...

So. I've been doing some contemplating.

It all started, like most knitterly things, with an email. This time from Phildar. Isn't this shawl delectable? So cozy. So warm. So snuggly. I want it. I could order the Phildar catalogue for just that one pattern, but maybe I could find a stitch dictionary that has this lovely bumpy stitch pattern. Who can save me and knows where I can find the stitch pattern?

Once I started obsessing about this lovely Phildar confection, I started thinking about all things Autumn. Scarves. Shawls. Hats. Gloves. How can I resist the call?

So I'm thinking that I'm going to put aside sweater knitting for a little while and start accessory knitting. I would love to get rid of all the onesy-twosy balls and decrease the stash to just yarn that I have at least a sweaters-worth.

Good golly. I'd really love that shawl. It's just so pretty. Any leads on the stitch pattern?

And you know, the holidays are coming up and I'd love to actually be prepared this time. Not only that, I was thinking that with smaller projects I can take on new techniques that I avoid. Like short rows. And steeking. And lace. I'm feeling somewhat adventurous, can you tell?

Anyway. That shawl above is incredible. So pretty. I just have to make it! If only I could figure out the stitch pattern. Any clues?