Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Winds May Blow...

Hey all! I bet you thought I disappeared. Yea, you're right, I kinda did. But I'm back! With a project to knock your socks off.

Ok...maybe not. Humour me.

At least its a new technique for me...that has to count for something!

Earlier this week, I casted on the Anemoi Hat.
My first Fair Isle project.
In fingering weight yarn.
On size 2 needles.
In the round.

As you can see, my progress has been pretty steady. This is one technique to which being a left handed knitter really lends itself. Two handed knitting has really come naturally to my biggest concern is keeping a steady tension and my floats loose. What a conundrum. Regardless, I'm totally loving it.

Once the hat is done I will cast on for the Anemoi mittens. The set is for my boss, who will be attending the Vancouver Olympic Curling event. It's her Christmas gift, but I figure I have until February to finish them. Totally do-able, right? Right?!?!