Wednesday, January 19, 2005

"I've got a brand new sweater!!!"

Well, I bought my buttons today and labored an intensive 20 minutes sewing them on. And now I have a Wearable Cloud!!! I tried it on, realized that I'm not intimidated by the brightness of the color [my fear was it might have been too intense a yellow for me] and that my months and months [and four months after that] of 2x2 ribbing have paid off. I modeled it for Dani who also marvelled at my knitting wonder-full-ness. I did a 4 minute song and dance "I got a brand new sweater, I got a brand new sweater..." and Dani even joined in on a chorus with me. YIPPEEEE!!!

Here is the picture that lovely Dani took:
She's obviously the photographer in the family. It takes me 10 tries to get one picture that isn't blurry or overexposed, but she caught my superstarra-model-equisity in just a few shots. THANKS, BABE! I'm so happy with my second-ever completed sweater! My only wish is that the ribbing section came down to my waist...I guess I know for next time. Sunny Cloud will be a fabulous summer sweater, and since the temps are in the 80's in LA [thanks Diana, the weather pixie!], I'll be sportin' this baby tomorrow!