Thursday, January 20, 2005

Inauguration Day

Today is January 20th, Prez Bush's second term Inauguaration Day. I've noticed a few other bloggers have put up a photo of Bush made up of soldiers killed in Iraq...check it out here. Now I am not a political expert, but I am an American citizen, and moreso a citizen of the world. There has been so much talk lately about the cost of the inaugration, the cost of security, the cost of the ball tonight, how much will be passed on to Washington DC tax payers [when DC voters didn't even support him], etc, etc, etc. and I've heard all of this when I was only 1/2 listening! When I started this blog, it was going to be about knitting and acting and LA, but I really just have to give my opinion here. Now, I'm sure Bush feels that he deserves this blow-out party since he actually 'won' fair and square this time [so we are led to believe, but that's another post], but with the state of the world right now wouldn't the 40+ million be better spent elsewhere? Could Bush have not asked the corporations sponsoring his 'Yea ME!' party to instead dontate resources and money to the tsunami destroyed areas [since Australia was leading in countries providing aid], protecting and paying our troops [that put their lives on the line everyday for his 'cause'] or for the rebuilding of Iraq, which I'm sure will cost a pretty penny in the coming years? I think that would...[might]...have made me assume [making an ass of me and you, as Dad always said] that our Prez had a humble bone in his body. That he might have been able to put his immense hubris aside for just a moment and put someone else first. Not so. A Presidental Inaguation Ball is his divine right, and by God, he'll have that ball!!!!

I'm even kinda mad at Badgley and Mishka for making the dresses for those drunk-ass sorority girls, the Bush twins. C'mon boys...stand up for something...they don't have to be spokespersons for gay rights, but they don't have to support the man who is attempting to restict their constitutional rights to be in a legally recognized union.