Monday, January 17, 2005

The Stash Revealed

I thought it would be in my best interest to actually go through my stash and see what I have. It's not that much! Really!
Lucky're getting subjected to my stash inventory-ing-ability.

The Silk/Cashmere Revisited!
This is the beginning of a new tank! I decided to keep going with boat neck shell. So now, I will have something new to wear on the first day of spring! YEAH!

2 balls Southwest Trading's Phoenix
This is made out of something called 'Soy Silk'. It's super soft and a really pretty, this square one! One ball for the front, one for the back!

7+ hanks Suss Design's 100% Cotton
I bought these at the Suss Design Store here in LA. Such a bargain [$3 each] for a whole lot of yarn! Somewhere's around 180 yards! I might make another sweater from the Rowan Calmer book.

One Lonely Ball of Variegated Purple Silk
[and some pink to match!]
Another frogged project. I'm not big on variegated yarn, but this knits up really pretty. I have 2 balls of the Rowan Cotton to go along with it.

4 Ivory/6 Orange MilleFili Cotton

OhMiGosh, I love this yarn! The color is just perfect. This will be my Hush Hush yarn, as soon as I can muster up the courage to cast on 360 stitches on a size 2 needle and figure out exactly how to use the two colors for the pattern. Or maybe they'll be separate projects.

3 balls Karabella Breeze

Although this yarn is a silk/cashmere blend, it's not as soft as I expected. Maybe a wash will help. This might be the Rebecca Open Tank [design #15].

Random Hanks of Gray Merino
This is some incredibly soft recycled merino yarn. I need to measure out how much I have, but since I took it from an XL turtleneck sweater, there should be more than enough for almost anything.

Random Black Silk

Some more uber-soft yarn. Dani wants a scarf, so I guess I should get on that before the cold goes away completely. Oh darn, did the weather man say it was going to be 82 tomorrow? I guess it will be ready for next year!

This inventory-ing-ability does not take into account the less interesting half balls of yarn that are sitting in a big old bag under the table. I'm sure it will eventually make a beautiful stole or scarves for next Christmas!

Oh well, all this postin's made me sleepy. Time for bed...the Children of America will be awaing...extra gregarious [I love that word. Haven't used it since the 8th grade tho] because we had today off...damn...

One last thought...can I say that I love my weather pixie? First off, I just commend her for standing there in those stilettos all day. I'm just enthralled with her outfits. As it gets warmer or colder in her little box, she runs away and changes so that her look reflects the weather and her mood. I'll have to tell her like the green skirt and tank combo she had on today. I'm delirious...I've got to go to bed...