Monday, January 17, 2005


Well, last night on Larchmont as we waited for our Z Pizza [did you know that you can get wheat crust and low fat cheese there? - just a note for those still attempting low-carb], I wandered down to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for a Cafe Mocha. As the slow, slow, slow semi-comatose CBTL barista contemplated my order, a woman behind me complimented me on my cute pants then said, 'Oh, your aura is off.' Only in LA, right? She then proceeded to tell me that I've been hurt by love recently and that I'm in the process of making a big life decision..moving or something. She also told me that I tend to find love, but it doesn't last. Well think?
She gave me her card and told me I should make an appointment. Her 'office' is just around the corner from the apartment...I may have just been an easy mark, but I might go. Who knows? Oh, the joys of living in La-La-Land. Does this kinda stuff happen in cities like Omaha?

It's hot today, so I think that I'll wash Miss Cloud and she should be a quick dry. I might run by the Good Will too to see if there's any cheap-y sweaters for recycling. Sneaking $5 worth of yarn isn't bad is it? Yarn Embargos were made to be broken! I started in a new pattern last night: boat neck shell with the former Clapotis yarn. I'm deciding to knit in the round rather than pieces...4 less stitches each row should save on yarn, right? As I was going along though, I started to wonder if cashmere is too warm for a tank top. Maybe I should switch up and make the Rebecca Open Tank [design #15] instead. I'll have to ask Dani and call Smoochy tonight and see what the general opinion is. I guess that means I'll be working on Miss Hearten today until I decide. Weigh-ins always welcomed!