Friday, February 18, 2005

Look out I come!

Oh, who sang that song?

I'm excited for this weekend...I have a Casting Director workshop at the threatre, might be visiting my sister and a friend's new condo, and best of all...I may have some pictures to post! YIPEEEE!!!

How can my love for the Rowan now be challenged with my lust for the Rebecca??? I think that prefer the Rowan overall, but Rebecca does have some bea-U-tiful items.

Also, thanks to Stacey for my new favorite site. I found that it was much funnier when I was reading my posts out loud over the phone to Dani than just reading them to myself.

Lastly, I was recognized! My first official stop enroute to SUPERSTARRA-VILLE! I was on the USC campus last night and a guy came up to me and asked if I was in a student film and when I said yes, he said that he had seen it at a screening the night before and thought I did a great job. !!!! I was honored...happy...giggly? It was a cool experience....I feel so special!