Friday, February 04, 2005

Next stop: Sugar-ville

Well, it's been quite a day. After waking up this morning and searching for something [anything!!!] clean to wear, and getting to work my customary 15 minutes late, I've been wandering from one sugar high to the next. Right now, I'm riding the crest and am about to once again crash out. Ugh...I feel seasick. I don't really feel like working, hence this posting, but I'm going to settle down and try really hard to focus. So excuse my non-linear thinking right now.


I can make it. And I won't eat any more sugar...unless it's a gift.
OooOOOoo...Helen Grace candy bars for $1? Too bad I don't have a dollar.
I remember having to sell those damn peanut butter bars in elementary school.
I think I'd be sick if I was faced with one of those now.

Moving wonderful cousin is performing in '7 Guitars' at his university this weekend. I'm super excited to see the show...and super jealous that he's having the opportunity to perform in an August Wilson piece before me. It should be a lot of fun...I might be going with Dad...I'm sure he'll like this play more than any of the ones I performed in. Well. let's see if he stays's a looong play.

I'm hoping to work on my ever widening Clapotis this weekend...I think that it's going to be super lover-ly [like Smoochy says] and I might set aside some time to work on a few charitable item this weekend. Why can't the weekend be 40 hours long?