Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Change o' Plans

Things are going well with my recycled cashmere/silk tank...I've progressed past the point of my recent frogging and am just trucking along. I should be done very soon...let's keep our fingers crossed I don't find any more mistakes! I've also had a change of heart on the Hearten. I'm going to finish it, don't get me wrong, but have decided to put it aside for the moment. NO IT'S NOT THE K3TOG'S OR THE POTENTIAL RIPPING OUT 16 TIMES BECAUSE MY STITCH COUNT IS OFF!!! You see, the reason is my cousin is getting married in March and I thought I would make the Clapotis and wear it to the wedding. I'd be too fabulous. And it would be a great reason to wear the sassy shoes that Smoochy got for me for Christmas...I LOOoooOOooOVE THEM!!! Another reason is I don' t really need a long sleeve sweater right now...Spring is right around the corner, right? Yet another reason is I'm so jealous of all the finished Clapotis [Clapotii?] I'm seeing on other people's blogs. I want to be a part of the cool Clapotis group! Also another reason need another scarf? Ok, Ok...the real reason for putting it down is those damn K3tog's and frogging 160 some-odd stitches. I'LL JUST ADMIT IT!!! I won't let my Hearten languish in WIP limbo too long though...I promise!

In other news, yesterday Smoochy told me that she finished her fabu black MaryElla bracelet and is going to start in on a white one. Glutton for punishment! Of course, I'm copying her. I found some funky green, blue, natural and white variegated [90 cents for 300 yards at Wal-Mart!!!] crochet yarn...I think it will be really cool with some plain needless to say, I’ll be going blind right along with her. I don’t have the size 0000 needles [who knew that they made them that small or anyone would use needles that small?!?!], so I’ll have to wait until I can ‘borrow’ a smaller sized needle from Smooch or from my Ma. I guess I’ll make the first one for Dani…since I’m such a knit-glutton I usually only make stuff for me. It’s not so much selfishness as much as it’s worry that the person won’t really like what I’ve made. Isn’t that horrible? I’d hate to spend weeks on a project that the receiver would hate or not wear, you know? I have a very fragile knitting-ego. I guess it's best that I knit for myself and let Dani steal my projects for her own. Oh well…time to get back to work…