Friday, March 04, 2005

Weekend R & R [and knitting!]

Ok...I'm prone to exaggeration. 50,000 rows of stockinette may have been an over-estimation. It certainly felt like 50,000. It was more like 70,000 though. ; )

Regardless, I knitted and purled away and I finished the front [I'm feeling lazy and don't feel like taking a picture, but close your eyes and imagine it's beauty]! Yippeee!!! Although it took a little less than a week, it only felt like two days. I just have a bit of a concern. I think that the front opening may start too low. I followed the instructions [down to measuring in centimeters, although I'm a good American and never believe in doing something the easy way...measurements broken into blocks of 10 for easy adding?...FORGET IT!] and looked at the pictures, but I have a feeling that I might be unhappy with that one element. I'm wondering if I should rip it out and redo it, or if I should rig some lacing up the front. Weigh-ins welcomed.

I've started in on the sleeves and will hopefully have those knocked out in no time.

In other news, I'm too excited! Smoochy bought a copy of the newest Rowan magazine for Spring...I think that I will be making something exciting from that...don't you love that lace dress on the front? OOoooOOOoOoO, there aren't enough knitting hours in the day and too many beautiful things to make!