Friday, April 08, 2005

4 days, how many states?

Hi all! This is going to be less of a knitting blog and more of a travel-log over the next few weeks, I can tell you right now.

Well, we got on the road Monday night, much later than expected and drove 30 hours to New Orleans. 7 of us in a 12 passenger van. We made it a few hours before Vonyse was to go on, but guess what? Torrential rain caused the show to be cancelled. We were all disappointed, but got showered [thank god!] and headed to Bourbon street for some public drinking and one of my favorite things, FOOD!

From New Orleans, we drove on to Tulsa, Oklahoma for a show the following afternoon, even though we heard Tuesday our next destination was being pelted with golf ball sized hail. Thank god after another 18 hours in the car, the weather was beautiful. Vonyse played, we made friends with our fellow band members and promoters and sold our first CD to a Tulsa student, Harrison Rice! Thanks, Harrison!

After leaving Tulsa Tuesday afternoon, we pulled another long one and came down to Orlando, Florida. We're in the lobby of our hotel right now, not far from Downtown Disney. It's 2am and quiet and peaceful. We have a full day tomorrow, Vonyse is playing in front of the House of Blues in the afternoon, doing an in-store at the Virgin Store in the early evening, then you better believe that we're going to party down after seeing the Cake and Gomez shows!

BTW: If any of you happen to find yourself in a Virgin Mega Store, please check out Vonyse's CD. There's an display dedicated to the bands playing on the tour. If you see it, please let me know! We want to make sure it's out there!

OH! Knitting...I haven't really made much progress on any of my projects. I tried 4 times to start the Kiri shawl, but lace weight isn't working while being tossed around the back of the van. I also started in on a scarf, but didn't like the size needles I was using, of course, I left the size 11's at home. Right now, I'm making the Rebecca #29 bikini top from some pink All Season Cotton I have. It's a silly little project, but one that doesn't take much concentration and it's going pretty quick. I also haven't had any time to find any yarn stores...I did see a one called Hobby Lobby [it looks like a Michaels], but couldn't get to it, although I was being sucked into it's tractor beams.

That's it for now!