Sunday, April 10, 2005


Hey all!

We're finishing up a few things on our Orlando hotel before we head out to Atlanta.

We had such a great day yesterday. Vonyse played twice at the Virgin outdoor stage and once inside the Virgin Mega Store at Downtown Disney. While setting the instore performance, the album was played over the instore system. You can't believe how it felt to hear her music like that! We were all overjoyed! We can't thank the Downtown Disney Virgin Manager, Jeff Adams and his staff for everything they did. They were so great to work with.

Time to get some work done before heading out...another 5 hours in the van...UGH!...

Oh yea, no knitting news, but I did see the new Knitty is up! Gotta make that tank...seed stitch should keep me busy for awhile!

Vonyse *NEW SITE*
Virgin Mega Tour