Friday, April 01, 2005

Gauge? We don't need no stinking gauge! [T- 3 Days]

Well my gauging experiement has been...semi-unsuccessful. I'm back to thinking that Hush Hush is the only thing I can make with that MilleFili yarn [size 3's here I come!]. I recalculated my yardage and realized that I wouldn't have enough for the Wine Red Top anyway. Unfortuantely, it's going back on the wish list [but not for long, if I have my way]. The gauge for the Silver-White Halter's gauge also off, but I have excess yardage, so I'm going to tweak the pattern and use the Soy Silk. I think it should be very cute. The only gauge swatch that actually worked out is the Suss Cotton for the Mermaid Mesh [I thought I got away from K3tog's when I put Hearten down, but NOoOoOoo...they're all over this pattern]. I am also super excited about the Kiri Shawl that you can see on All Tangled Up. This will be my first foray into lace! YIPEEE!!! Did I mention that the first line of the pattern confuses me? All right! This should be interesting. Two projects involving multiple yarnover and knit togethers! I'm not sure if I'll start Kiri Shawl or the Rowan Butterfly tank first, but I'll take them both and see how the spirit moves me.