Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Kiri is a go, I repeat, Kiri is a go...

Ah, sweet satisfaction.
Sometimes it takes so little.
Kiri is underway...except for the little snag I've run into at this point, but we won't go into that right now.

I had a few hours in Denver at our hotel so I picked up Kiri [which had been haunting my bag following me about like a spectre for the past few weeks] and gave it another try.

I'm glad I did! I was able to get past that sticking point and am going along happily. Thank god! I'm very pleased at how it's shaping up...I keep on looking at it, amazing that I'm actually knitting lace! Whew! I thought I was retarded for a little while [very un-pc for me to use the work retarded, I know]. I was even able to knit a little in the van, which brings me to my new sticking point. Somewhere along the way, I must have made some kind of a mistake because my count seems to be on, but the pattern just isn't working out for the row I'm on [that I think I'm on]. I'm using a lifeline and had only completed a few rows past it, so I don't mind going back and correcting the problem.

I'm using the Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud...can I say I'm enthralled with it's softness? Well, I am enthralled with it's softness! Smoochy is working on Kiri too, she said that she's not pleased with how the pattern is turning out, so I'm going to have to meet up with her, because I'm diggin' it!