Thursday, April 21, 2005

Where are we again?

I can't remember where we are. Oh well. The road has been cool. Nashville! Yeah, that's it.

I unfortunately haven't had any time for knitting. I know, that's such a bummer! I was going along pretty well on the 1930 bra/tank, but I became dissatisfied with it and frogged it last night. I was a few inches from the length that I wanted too. Oh well. I think that my execution was wrong. I had that little voice [that we all have when we know we need to investigate something a little more before proceeding] tell me that I should probably complete the bra part before picking up stitches for the bottom. I scoffed and picked up the stitches. Only last night did I realize that I should have made sure the bra fits properly first. UGH! It's all good, besides the little voice, the stitches I picked up were a little sloppy and I was unhappy with that too. Two strikes, I figured it was a good idea to rip out.

No LYS visits on the road. Somehow, I haven't seemed to find any. I wouldn't have time to check them out anyways, so I guess it's a good thing.

Time to get some work done before the show this afternoon...SEE YA!