Sunday, May 01, 2005

Saturday is a stinker

Saturday has been kinda of a bummer for me, so I'm going to talk about happy stuff.

Note: It's 3 in the morning, so pictures and linking websites is little too ambitious of a proposition at this point in my life. I may find the energy in my next post.

No progress on Kiri since my last post. I've gotten past my last sticking point, but am a little hesitant when I think about working on it because I don't want yet another 'oops, I did it a-damn-gain.'
Oh Britney, where did you go wrong? I digress. Back to knitting content.
I counted it out and have 6 of the leaf patterns completed which means I'm half way there! Of course the ever increasing number of stitches means it's going to take twice as long as the beginning part. I'm not whining or anything. I realize that I need quiet and time to concentrate, so it may be a hot second before Kiri gets picked up again.

Why does the girl on the commericals bug me so much?

On a yipee note, I'm close to completing my Airy, the Mohairy Cardi! I finished both sleeves and just need to pick up the front and neck stitches and sew in the sleeves! Hopefully I can get it done this weekend. Finishing this project means I'm going to have room in my knitting schedule for a new one which brings me to...

Some red Caron Simply Soft yarn I bought!
Keep the 'Ew, it's acrylic' moans to a minimum, people...
My good friend is having a baby and I promised to make the Lil' Devil Baby Pants from the Stitch N Bitch Nation book. Since she knows about the pants already, I'm thinking about making the Lil Devil Hat too. I have til June...hopefully she won't read this.

I'm also wanting to jump on the shrug bandwagon [is this going to be the new poncho, meaning we'll all go on and on about how much we hate them in about 3 months?], so that's another project I'm going to start. Which one though? There have been so many patterns in the mags lately I don't know which to choose! I think that I'm liking the Cabled Shrug from the Interweave site. I think I'm going to use the black recycled silk that's been hiding out waiting to be used.

Well that's it for now, I'm going rest and muster up some energy for swatching and picture taking.