Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Oh, the Children of America have gone and done it again.

We have a child here at the school who is our resident Cassanova. He's very funny. Given the chance, he will tell the women on campus how beautiful they look, how pretty their hair is, even try to get with your sister [who he has only seen in a picture. Smoochy, he's still waiting on you. Can you wait 8 years?]. All [and I mean all] the women [not girls, full grown women] know this little boy. He is the King of Flattery. In the 3rd grade, when I first met him, I wondered what he would be when he grows up. Pimp sprang to mind. Either that or he'd be someone who's life purpose is to make women feel or look a designer or photographer. He's calmed down a bit this year [although he still asks about my sister]; the flattery isn't as constant as it was before.

Anywho, I was sitting at my desk, reading something on the computer when my little friend comes over and says, 'Don't get discouraged, Miss Christie. Don't let them get you down.'

I was a bit shocked, and just looked at him, and he said 'I saw you staring off and you looked so down that I had to come over and give you some encouragement. Don't get discouraged.'

I laughed, gave him a big hug and told him that's exactly what I needed.

Then he asked how my sister was, and to tell her he said 'HI'.