Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What Day Is It?

Short weeks, although a Godsend, tend to throw me off.'s Wednesday....right? Tomorrow's the SNB WeHo and there are only two more days til the weekend is here again!

My focus has been so scattered that I don't know what I'm working on.
Since seaming isn't my favorite thing [I actually don't mind it, it's just how much time it takes! And sewing sleeves...but who doesn't hate that?] , the baby pants are still sitting around. I also have to hem the bottom and drawstring casing. AUuuUUuuGH! Learning new skills! I'm afraid. I haven't picked up Kiri in a while because it requires too much concentration. I also have two other projects that need some attention, but why bring them up? Which brings me to the Lace Trim Bolero! I finished the sleeve this past weekend whilst hanging with Smoochy [she finished her White Lies Angelina - it's sooooo pretty!] and seamed the whole thing together. It's very cute. I'm still not sure if the fronts are correct. I thought I followed the instructions, but my knitter's intuition told me something was wrong. The second one knitted up exactly the same, so I'm trying to let it go. But it looks different in the picture! Forget it! Only Allah is perfect, after all. I'm becoming overwhelmed! I need a FO!!!

Maybe I should just take this week and finish off those lingering projects. After I finish the LT Bolero. Yeah...

Thanks to Tara and her Dirty Purls for the Microspun Fuzz Busting Advice. We'll see if my knitting vanity or my domestic laziness rule the day.