Monday, June 13, 2005

Finallly, A New Post!

Ok...I'm ashamed it's taken me this long to post. But in my defense, I've been busy!

It's going to be a picture heavy post, so brace yourself! If I take one picture to post, I might as well take 25.

Fini! Vogue Lace Trim Bolero
Here it is, in all it's Microspun glory. I love the color. I really like the yarn [cheap is our friend]. I like the pattern. I made the 38" [I think] size and it's a big too big on me. I should have gone down one size. Live and learn. I always have issue with picking my size. Should I go 36, which is bra size, or should I go 38 which is bust around the largest part size? Ugh...I'll err on size of smaller next time. Better too big than too small...blocking is our friend, blocking is our friend.

Lace Trim Bolero Side View
Ok, you're probably looking at the picture above and wondering, 'What is wrong with Christie? That looks fine to me!'. Well, here is the side shot. Wingy. It's a little too loose for my liking. I wanted it a slightly [to be read - A LOT] more fitted.'s an easy, quick pattern [even the lace trim is pretty quick] so I'll be revisiting this one soon. I want my summer shrug and I want it NOW!!! I'll use a cotton yarn next time I think.

A Good Home
Since Ms. Lace Trim was a little too big for me, I found her a good home. Thank god my friend doesn't read my blog or she'd kill me. This is my good friend who's now the caretaker of the LT Bolero. She's about to be a mommy [hence the belly]. We were down at Laguna Beach [where the houses slide down the hills] taking pregnancy pictures by the water yesterday. She's so beautiful and glowing! I'm in awe of her and can't wait to meet the soon to be proud recepient of the Lil Devil Pants.

Orange Yarn
I bought some orange yarn off eBay...I believe it was when I started knitting almost 2 years ago. I love the color and the shine to this yarn is so pretty...sigh. I've been waiting for the perfect project...what will fit the bill? Then I saw it. First over at Carrioke's. She called it Grape Fanta, as it was appearing in a lovely shade of lavendar. Then over at Knit n Tonic...looking very chic in black. I caught it again in green over at S t r i k k e r [who also just completed the Apricot Jacket from Rebecca that I LOVE!!!]. OH, ORANGINA!!! It's so pretty in every color, I had to have it. I immediately acquired the pattern and commenced to swatching on the drive down to Laguna for the photo shoot. I know I planned on making Ariel, the Mermaid Mesh, but I BOUGHT SOME SIZE 3 ADDIS AND I NEEDED TO PUT THEM TO GOOD USE! I love the pattern, I love my needles and I love the yarn...I think that I'll try to work on Ariel and Orangina at the same time.